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MNQ Podcast 2 – Marsman (Pinkman)



Marsman has been making an impressive uprise in the last few years hand in hand with a wide variety of artists whom he cherishes as his own family. All of this is taking place on his acknowledged label Pinkman and the slightly more recent founded imprint Charlois which is more dedicated on the left of the first label in subject. Being apart of the new wave of westcoast labels it’s easy to notice the same DIY vibe known from legendary platforms such as Viewlexx & Bunker.

Catch Marsman djing at Mannequin Records Nacht I, August 18th, Säule, Berghain:


Nacht’raum / BBC – Maria Tanz – Maria Flieg
Tecwaa – Fervour
Latrines – Katrinas
Alessandro Adriani – L’acqua di Nettuno
Siaubas – Haunted White Paper
Sam De La Rosa – I Hear The Swine (mrs cut)
Credit 00 – Malfunction
Ian Martin – Mood Of Uncertainty
Scorpion Violente – Pumping Iron
Benedikt Frey – Patcher
Identified Patient – Strike Four For Female
Lost SoundBytes – Disacordedd
Morah – Sirenes (mrs cut)
Giant Swan – Salted
unknown demo
Gamma Intel – Theorem X
DJ Nephil – Untitled
Smersh – M Appeal (Parrish Smith Remix)