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MNQ 125 Le Syndicat Electronique – Le Syndicat Electronique 2xLP




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Mannequin Records is honored to present a 2xLP retrospective compilation of the french electro/wave pioneer Le Syndicat Électronique, the historical electro/wave project by Alaxis Andreas G., founder of the seminal Invasion Planète Recordings – the first French minimal electro/wave/experimental label founded in late 1998 by the insurance proceeds of a car crash.

Heavily influenced by the work of masters like Kraftwerk/John Carpenter/Front 242, Alaxis Andreas G. is responsible for many others dark electronic / industrial / neofolk projects – to name a few: A//, Bruta Non Calculant, Swesor Brother, La Séduction Des Innocents, It & My Computer, Eva VIII.

After many years of supporting his artistic vision and direction, we decided was time to collaborate together in this killer 2xLP compilation, which includes 5 historic tracks never pressed on vinyl whose 3 are released for the first time ever.


A1 – Abstraite Relation
A2 – Under Pressure
A3 – Sacrifice
A4 – Close To You

B1 – Body Wave
B2 – Blood & Flesh
B3 – The Men Who Killed The Beat
B4 – Hidden

C1 – Transmission 001
C2 – I Like You…
C3 – Sweet Violence
C4 – En Partance

D1 – Excès
D2 – Grandeur et Décadence
D3 – Faux Semblants
D4 – For Your Life !

Tracks selected, re-mastered and arranged by Alaxis Andreas G.

Vinyl pressed on black 160 gram housed in a full color printed sleeve limited to 500 copies with insert. Release date: September 14th, 2018.