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Mannequin Records Podcast 5 – Rawmance


rawmance podcast

Mateo Montero aka Rawmance grew up in the Northern banlieue of Paris. Currently living in Rome, he’s a 360° electronics dj & head honcho of La Beauté du Négatif + some others sides projects in the business.

Rawmance will be our guest for the Mannequin Records Nacht III at Säule / Berghain, December 22nd, alongside group A, Parrish Smith, JASSS and Alessandro Adriani.


Kris Baha – Crystal Ballroom
Group A – T.O.P.
Charles Manier – Who Raised These People
Raw Ambassador – Attack Attack! (Forthcoming release)
Charles Manier – Luxus Steroid Abamita
The Sun God – Maum
Mutant Beat Dance – Another World
Daniel Kyo – Beyond The Consciousness
Hno3 – Doughnut Dollies
Jesper ‘Bellfrog’ Rydberg – Acid Playground
Cult Club – Why Do You Go?
Zeit Echo – Psychotronischer Irrenanstalt (Mick Wills Edit)
Crash Course in Science – Flying Turns (Edit)
Violet Poison – Radio Veronica 100.6
Kælan Mikla – Kalt
Especially Good – Final Mega