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Mannequin Records Podcast 4 – group A



Berlin based Japanese industrial synth duo group A made their debut on Mannequin Records with a killer 3-tracks self titled EP. Here’s a podcast for our serie to celebre the release party at Mannequin Records Nacht III, December 22nd at Säule / Berghain.

Tommi Tokyo (synth, drum machine, vocals) and Sayaka Botanic (violin, tapes and sampler) released 2 studio albums and 1 live album in Tokyo, before to move in Berlin in 2016. With their mixture of dark minimal synth, avant-noise, striking visuals and performance art, the duo still carries on the very breath of early industrial pioneers such as Throbbing Gristle, Die Form, Klinik, Cabaret Voltaire.


1. Untitled
2. Romance (live at Hokage, Osaka, 13.06.2013)
3. Bird Chirping
4. Untitled (demo)
5. Untitled (demo)
6. 闇 (yami)
7. Untitled (demo)
8. Rodchenko
9. A’s Den
10. Untitled (demo)
11. Untitled (demo)
12. Bodo (demo)
13. Untitled (demo)
14. Initiation (remixed by Tom Furse)
15. Suffocated (demo)
16. Untitled (demo)
17. group A & Steve Beresford BBC Studio Session at Maida vale Studio – Untitled
18. Kiss Me And I’ll Puke In Your Eyes (unreleased)
19. Deadly 16 (Instrumental ver. demo)
20. Disobedience (demo)
21. Kiss Me (demo)
22. Alibi (KAOS London ver. demo)