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Dekmantel Podcast 180 – Alessandro Adriani



Alessandro Adriani has been championing unusual and unknown synth wave and industrial sounds for a decade now. The Berlin based Italian has done so on his Mannequin Records label as well as on Pinkman and Jealous God and at his bi-monthly party at Säule/Berghain. An inquisitive mind and avid collector whose taste ranges from jazz to Italo to disco, he is a real treasure trove of musical knowledge, as are his DJ sets.

There’s a real sense of discovery to the mix he has laid down for us. It’s filled with chilly synths and industrial textures that are sometimes manic and wild, at others stripped back and haunting. There’s also twisted techno and macho disco, all stitched together with a sense of style that manages to sounds as much from the 80s as it does some unknown future. Adriani’s world is a timeless world, then, but one you’ll be compelled to return to over and over again.