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3x Industrial / Wave reissue 12”s announced on Mannequin Records


MNQ 086 Zombies Under Stress – Stalin 12”


Started in 1984 as an industrial/electronic one-man project, lately expanding as a 7 persons multimedia collective, the band mainteined always during their career a pure industrial approach, through the use of analog synthesizers, microphones, effects and distorted acoustic sounds. For this single we have selected 4 killer tracks for you: ‘Liberation’ and ‘Stalin’ from their 1985 cassette ‘Fanaticism & Hysteria’, this last one also presented in a “Seven Sisters of Putin” remix form, plus on the b-side the killer slow industrial

Mastering by Rude 66.
Graphic design by Alessandro Adriani.
Limited edition of 300 copies, black vinyl.


MNQ 087 – Flo & Andrew – Take Suicide 12″


One of the holy grail of the minimal synth and one of the most obscure musical projects ever produced in Italy is finally reissued on Mannequin Records.

Mastering by Rude 66.
Original graphic design by Surgelato.
Limited edition of 500 copies, first 100 copies on red vinyl.


MNQ 088 Plath – Plath 12” (Alessandro Adriani Remix)


Originally self-released as a 7’’ in 1982, Plath release is definitely one of the obscure gems of the Italian underground, influenced by Throbbing Gristle and early Cabaret Voltaire works, moving in between two essential thematic actions: first, the constant search of a sound which aims to reflect the current reality as they were interpretating it and, second, the constant exposure of their anarchist ideological thinking against the established political and social system.

Mastering by Rude 66.
Graphic Design reworked by Alessandro Adriani on the original 7’’ graphics.
Limited edition of 300 copies, grey vinyl.